Friday, 27 April 2012

Fasting; quickest weight loss diet

                             quickest way to lose weight!

Fasting is the only real QUICK weight loss plan that works very quickly. Some people say its bad for your health you can die, you can faint etc some of what they say is true, but thats only if you dont stick to what im about to tell you, so listen up and i'll tell you my fasting plan and how quick the weight flew of me :D.

The weeks but i had 2 day you decide your gonna start fasting is the toughest day! infact the thirst 2 days are the toughest as your body is used to eating all the time, but if you really want to lose that weight on you then you have to be brave and stick to it. When you wake up have a glass of cold water, even if your not thirsty have it because it makes you fuller, when you next feel hungry again make yourself a cup of tea with sweetner so bassicly everytime your hungry, drink! you can drink tea,milk,WATER!!!,diet coke, diet redbull! and for dinner when your family cook that gorgouse meal that you REALLY want get a apple and eat it slowly, have a bite and sip of water, repeat that until your finnishes (water will make you even fuller with every bite you take) make sure you have 8 or more glasses of cold water a day! and do at least 20 mins of excercise e.g if you have stairs go up them 50 times then do 40 star jumps, and 20 jumps on the spot OR go fast walking on hills or a 20 mins jog! if you dont do the excerice then you wont lose it quickly! i lost a stone in 2 and a half laxatives everyday aswell! but i wouldnt VERY EXTREadvise any of you to  take laxatives as that IS ME!


  1. thanks for the tips im starting tomorrow i will let you know if i done well :D

  2. thanks this is very helpful. i am starting tomorrow, wish me luck

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